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iPad repairs

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iPad repair


iPad repair

Is a broken iPad driving you crazy? Contact Bolton iPhone Repair. Our repair specialists will have your iPad fixed in no time.

An Apple iPad is a significant investment. A person can spend considerable money to have the new technology. In addition, this sort of equipment is highly fragile. If the product is dropped, the glass may break, and the screen may need to be repaired.

It may also sustain water damage or have a low battery throughout ownership. Fortunately, the staff at iPhone repair Bolton can assist. We provide a comprehensive range of iPad repair services to help you recover and safeguard your device.


Most Frequent iPad Repair Services

Even though many things can go wrong with an Apple iPad, our company handles some of the most prevalent problems.


iPad Screen Replacement

Screen cracks can cause your gadget to operate poorly. A typical iPad has several layers. Even minor damage to these levels can impair the unit's interaction capabilities. However, we can efficiently perform your iPad screen replacement in no time.


iPad Battery Replacement

iPad batteries are designed to be recharged. This does not, however, imply that these gadgets have an unlimited lifespan. Furthermore, the battery may no longer be able to charge. In either situation, a new battery is required. An ordinary user will lack the necessary equipment and skills to correctly replace the battery in their iPad. To prevent the equipment from being damaged, it is advisable to have a reputable and qualified specialist handle battery placement.



iPad repair price list

(As iPad has many generations, please ask staff members for the latest price)

iphone x screen repair  From £ 139 — Glass replacement
iphone x battery replacement  From   £ 85 — Battery replacement
iphone x charging port replacement  From   £ 85 — Charging port replacement
iphone x microphone repair  From   £ 95 — Microphone replacement
  From     £ 95 Rear camera replacementiphone x camera replacement
iphone x camera lens replacement  From   £ 85 — Rear camera lens replacement
iphone x button repair  From   £ 95 — Button fault


iPad Charging Port Repair

There is no need to exert effort and hold your iPad awkwardly during every charging session. Our staff can repair charging ports efficiently for your comfort.


iPad Water Damage

Your iPad can end up correctly p in a pool, sink, or batHowever, room. Ty might be destroyed if it gets wet. Fixing water damage is something that our staff excels at. All kinds of Apple gadgets will be cleaned, repaired, and dried.


Why you should choose us to fix your iPad

  • We provide prompt, friendly, and dependable service. Technicians will conduct the repairs and notify you as stated. In addition, our skilled specialists can fully diagnose and repair issues with all iPhone models.
  • When feasible, we utilize original components, and when that is not possible, we use OEM products to precise specifications.
  • We provide free diagnostics, following which you can choose whether to repair your iPhone or get a new one.
  • We provide a 90-day warranty.


a request
and we will calculate the final price
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