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iPhone X repairs

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iPhone X repair in Bolton


iPhone X repair

Are you worried about a broken screen? When iPhone repair Bolton is at your service, you don't have to. We are unique, versatile, and authentic to our customers without any masks.

iPhone X glass repair needs high maintenance equipment that not everyone in the town can possess partially because it's expensive and majorly since not everyone has the skills to operate it flawlessly.

However, without a doubt, we can offer you a smooth glass repair at the amount that you are most comfortable with. At iPhone repair Bolton we will ensure fixing your actual screen rather than reducing its quality by replacing it with another low-quality glass.

We ensure that we only eliminate the shattered glass pieces while fixing the other parts of the screen just the way they were.


  • iPhone X battery replacement service


After repairing your iPhone X's glass, are you dealing with a battery issue? Well, worry not because you don't have to go through this hassle if you trust iPhone Repair Bolton.

We know all the odds that may arrive right after your glass repair, so we make sure to solve all the upcoming odds before handing the device back to you. Battery replacement service is one of the odds that may arrive, but we have figured out the solution already.

With iPhone X glass repair, we also restore the battery issue, and you don't have to pay extra pennies.




iPhone X repair price list

iphone x screen repair  £ 149  — Screen replacement
iphone x battery replacement    £ 65  — Battery replacement
iphone x charging port replacement    £ 55  — Charging port replacement
iphone x microphone repair    £ 55  — Microphone replacement
  £ 105  Rear camera replacementiphone x camera replacement
iphone x camera lens replacement    £ 55  — Rear camera lens replacement
iphone x button repair    £ 55  — Button fault


  • iPhone X screen repair


Several workshops will replace your iPhone's screen with a non-iPhone screen. However, if you ponder what possibly can be the adverse effects, then a low-quality picture is one of them.

Most workshops use these second-hand ideas since they do not have the technicalities to cope with the damage done, technical money, or even the potential to rule out the basis of the problem.

Such workshops are always in a quick hurry to mark their work as done rather than doing the work right.

Replacing your glass with something that is just a worthless paperweight eliminates the manufacturer's warranty for the user.


  • Warranty assured


Suppose your iPhone X glass screen undergoes catastrophic damage, and another type of inferior screen replaces its screen. In that case, it will end up draining more battery of your device, making it suffer from battery shortage most of the time. 

iPhone Repair Bolton provides 12 month's warranty on all our services


  • Commitment and dedication


You will witness the passion for doing work in our employees. They work on every project with sincerity and hard work to deliver on time so that the customer does not have to suffer on any terms.

So what are you waiting for? A better option than us that doesn't exist.



Question - answer
How to fix a broken Face ID on the iPhone X?
To fix a broken Face ID on an iPhone X, start by checking for obstructions on the TrueDepth camera or the front of the device. If that doesn't work, try restarting or updating the iPhone X. If the problem persists, reset the Face ID or contact Apple Support for further assistance. In some cases, the device may need to be repaired or replaced by a certified technician.
How do I fix screen burn-in on an iPhone X?
Unfortunately, screen burn-in is a permanent issue and cannot be fixed. However, you can prevent it from happening by avoiding displaying static images for long periods of time and using auto-brightness. If your device is still under warranty and the issue is severe, you may be able to get a replacement device from Apple.
How much does it cost to fix an iPhone X screen?
The cost of repairing an iPhone X screen varies depending on the location and the extent of the damage. On average, repairing a cracked iPhone X screen at an Pocket Geek Tech Repair can cost £149.
a request
and we will calculate the final price
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