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iPhone 12 Pro repairs

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iPhone 12 Pro repair


iPhone 12 Pro repair

When anything goes wrong with an iPhone, we all understand how difficult it can be without a phone for even an hour. As a result, we offer a wide range of iPhone services, including iPhone 12 pro setup, iPhone 12 pro screen repair, and iPhone 12 pro battery replacement.

Whether you need a broken screen or a battery replaced, our iPhone 12 Pro repair experts can get your phone back up and running as quickly as possible—without the strain. Are you worried about product quality? Our specialists have been educated to repair iPhone 12 Pros using high-quality replacement components.

iPhone 12 Pro Battery replacement

Yes, we all try to maximize the life of our iPhone batteries. It has a limited lifespan and is a consumable element. That means it has to be changed for your iPhone to function correctly and have a long life. We guarantee that you will get an efficient, trustworthy, and affordable

iPhone 12 Pro Screen replacement

If you drop your phone and the screen on your iPhone gets cracked, we can help. The complete screen will need to be replaced, regardless of how little the crack is, which will take a few minutes to complete.


iPhone 12 Pro repair price list

iphone x screen repair  £ 299 — Screen replacement
iphone x battery replacement    £ 85 — Battery replacement
iphone x charging port replacement    £ 85 — Charging port replacement
iphone x microphone repair    £ 85 — Microphone replacement
  £ 200 Rear camera replacementiphone x camera replacement
iphone x camera lens replacement    £ 85 — Rear camera lens replacement
iphone x button repair    £ 85 — Button fault


iPhone 12 Pro Water damage

You should get your phone to our professional repair shop as soon as you can if it has been in contact with water. Rust will develop without action, and your iPhone 12 Pro will short-circuit. We'll conduct a thorough water damage evaluation to evaluate the degree of the problem and whether we can still use your phone. So bring your iPhone 12 Pro to us, so you don't have to worry.

iPhone 12 Pro Speaker issues

Do you have audio issues? We can locate the problem for free. To begin, we'll verify your software to ensure it's up to date and not broken. Hardware issues might be more challenging to resolve, but our experts can help. If you need a new speaker, we will change it for you at a fair price as soon as the same day that you send in your phone.

For iPhone 12 Pro mobile device repairs, we exclusively utilize premium parts. As a result, we can offer clients trustworthy repair choices and maintain the highest standard for our out-of-warranty guarantee. In addition, we can start fixing your Apple phone immediately because we are frequently one of the first to receive new Apple phones when they are released.


a request
and we will calculate the final price
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