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iPhone XR repairs

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iPhone XR repair


iPhone XR repair

Have you inadvertently broken your iPhone XR's screen, or do you need to repair the iPhone XR battery in the UK? Then, we are the right site for you. Our Apple service facility in Bolton provides exceptional iPhone XR screen repair in the UK.

Our repair services are exceptional and will give you the desired result. We know how pricey these iPhone XRs are and how frustrating it is when one of its components is harmed. We thus provide various iPhone XR repair services to give you mental serenity during trying moments. We can also repair the screen on your iPhone XR at a reasonable price.

The price of our Apple iPhone XR screen repair in the UK is exceptionally reasonable. So you won't have to pay much money to receive genuine goods. Additionally, we'll ensure that your phone is well-maintained and gets better.

iPhone XR screen replacement

Stop wasting a full day, money, and energy looking for dependable iPhone screen replacement companies online. You may pick iPhone repair Bolton for a reasonable cost, and our team will fix your screen in 30 minutes

iPhone XR battery replacement

iPhone repair Bolton provides relatively cost options, and the firm backs all repairs and replacements with a 90-day warranty. Make an appointment if you need your iPhone battery changed as soon as possible.



iPhone XR repair price list

iphone x screen repair  £ 139 — Screen replacement
iphone x battery replacement    £ 65 — Battery replacement
iphone x charging port replacement    £ 55 — Charging port replacement
iphone x microphone repair    £ 55 — Microphone replacement
    £ 65 Rear camera replacementiphone x camera replacement
iphone x camera lens replacement    £ 55 — Rear camera lens replacement
iphone x button repair    £ 55 — Button fault


iPhone XR charging port replacement

Furthermore, thanks to the wide range of skills our highly skilled staff members possess, any problem, including replacing an iPhone charging port, can be resolved in less than 30 minutes.

iPhone XR camera replacement

We've recruited the best in town and trained them in the most up-to-date techniques for changing and repairing iPhone cameras. As a result, in only 30 minutes, our experts will swiftly and efficiently replace or repair the iPhone's back camera and front camera.

iPhone XR frame replacement

iPhone repair Bolton experts are equipped to give exceptional repair or assistance. For the finest and most reasonably priced iPhone frame replacement services, contact Bolton's iPhone repair professionals.

iPhone repair Bolton offers excellent repair services, and our professionals are knowledgeable in promptly resolving various phone-related issues. So to start your iPhone XR repair, contact us immediately.


a request
and we will calculate the final price
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